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 The Internet has surpassed newspapers as a medium of mass communication. It has become the main source for national and international news for people.

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文: ... of a Pew Research Center survey finding that the Internet has surpassed newspapers as a leading source of national and international news for Americans. ...




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Keele University in the United Kingdom has developed a “virtual patient,” created by a computer, to help train the pharmacists of the future. Students in the university’s School of   11   work with the “patient” to gain experience in effective communication and decision-making.

Students talk with the “patient” directly or by typing questions into a computer. The “patient” responds verbally or with gestures to indicate   12   such as pain, stress or anxiety. As a result, students are forced to communicate clearly   13   that the “patient” understands them completely. The Virtual Patient can also be used to explore various medical situations. For example, the “patient” can be programmed to be allergic to certain medicine and can   14   serious reactions if student learners are not aware of the situation. This kind of practice allows students to learn from mistakes in a safe environment that would not be   15   with textbooks alone. The unique system can both be used in a classroom setting or for distance learning.

出自:Keele University Press Office

名:Virtual Patient ” helps train pharmacists of the future


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In spite of modernization and the increasing role of women in all walks of life, the practice of the dowry in India is still widespread. The dowry system, money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage, was started centuries ago with the intention of providing security for a girl   16   difficulties and unexpected circumstances after marriage. For this purpose, the parents gave   17   they could to their daughter, which consequently went to the groom’s family. By the beginning of the 21st century, however, the custom had deteriorated to a point whereby the groom and his family had become very   18  . When demands for dowry are not met, the bride is   19   torture, and often even killed. The more educated a man is, the   20   is the expectation for dowry at the time of marriage. Girls who are highly educated are required to have larger dowries because they usually marry more educated men.


名:The Dowry System and Women in India


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     Oniomania is the technical term for the compulsive desire to shop, more commonly referred to as compulsive shopping or shopping addiction. Victims often

experience feelings of __21__ when they are in the process of purchasing, which seems to give their life meaning while letting them forget about their sorrows. Once __22__ the environment where the purchasing occurred, the feeling of a personal reward would be gone. To compensate, the addicted person would go shopping again. Eventually a feeling of suppression will overcome the person. For example, cases have shown that the bought goods will be hidden or destroyed, because the person concerned feels __23__ of their addiction and tries to conceal it. He or she is either regretful or depressed. In order to cope with the feelings, the addicted person is prompted to __24__ another purchase.

     Compulsive shopping often begins at an early age. Children who experienced parental neglect often grew up with low __25__ because throughout much of their childhood they felt that they were not important as a person. As a result, they used toys to __26__ their feelings of loneliness. Because of the ongoing sentiment of deprivation they endured as children, adults that have depended on materials for emotional __27__ when they were much younger are more likely to become addicted to shopping. During adulthood, the purchase, instead of the toy, is substituted for __28__. The victims are unable to deal with their everyday problems, especially those that alter their self-esteem. Important issues in their lives are repressed by __29__ something. According to studies, as many as 8.9 percent of the American population __30__ as compulsive buyers. Research has also found that men and women suffer from this problem at about the same rate.

出自:Oniomania – Wikipedia



Merriam-Webster’s 3rd New International Dictionary / 書林獨家代理進口

Main Entry: onio·ma·nia    Pronunciation Guide
Pronunciation: n m n
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, from Greek
nios to be bought, for sale (from   nos price) + Late Latin mania -- more at VENAL
: a mania for buying things
- onio·ma·ni·ac -
ak noun

Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged. Merriam-Webster, 2002.


     There was a time when Whitney didn’t have a lot of friends. She was a bit shy and reserved. __31__ All through high school, though, she wasn’t able to make good friends or find companionship. ]

     When it was time to go to college, Whitney was quite nervous. She was going to be rooming with someone she didn’t know and living in a town 300 miles away from home. There wouldn’t be a single person she knew in town. __32__

     The first week of classes, something happened that changed Whitney’s life forever. __33__ She told everyone where she came from and all of the other ordinary details that students share in such situations. The final question for each student to answer was, “what is your goal for this class?” Most of the students said that they would like to get a good grade, pass the class or something similar. __34__ She said that her goal was to make just one good friend.

     While most of the students sat in silence, one student came to Whitney and held out her hand and introduced herself. She asked if they could be friends. The whole room was silent. All eyes focused on Whitney and the hand extended just in front of her. __35__ Whitney learned the power of asking for what she wanted and taking action on that day.


名:Whitney's Story


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        April 22, 2010 will be the 18th celebration of the annual Take Our Daughters to Work Day (TOD), a project the National Ms. Foundation for Women of America (NFW) developed to expose girls to expanding opportunities for women in the workplace.

        The program offers millions of girls a first-hand view of the many career opportunities available in their futures. Now that women make up 46 percent of the U.S. workforce, girls can find role models in every occupational field—from politics to molecular biology to professional athletics, to name just a few. TOD encourages girls to focus on their abilities and opportunities, not just their appearance.

        The NFW developed the project more than a decade ago to address the self-esteem problems that many girls experience when they enter adolescence. At school, boys often receive more encouragement in the classroom, especially in math, science and computer science, the academic fields that tend to lead to the highest salaries. Women receive on average only 73 cents for every dollar that men are paid, and remain vastly underrepresented in top executive positions and technology fields. TOD aims to give girls the confidence and inspiration they need to develop successful careers, particularly in non-traditional fields.

Perhaps because the program had become so widespread and successful, TOD had been criticized for excluding boys, and it was expanded in 2003 to include boys. The program’s official website states that the program was changed in order to provide both boys and girls with opportunities to explore careers at an age when they are more flexible in terms of gender stereotyped roles. “We should also show boys that becoming a child care provider is as acceptable a choice as becoming a police officer or CEO,” added Sara K. Gould, executive director of the NFW.

出自:National Organization for Women

名:Take Our Daughters to Work Day is April 25April 11, 2002-NOW staff


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        In all cultures and throughout history hair has had a special significance. In ancient Egypt, as long ago as 1500 BC, the outward appearance expressed the person’s status, role in society and political position. Wigs played an important role in this: they were crafted with great artistry and often sprinkled with powdered gold.

        In the 8th century BC, the pre-Roman Celts in Northern Europe wore their hair long. In a man it was the expression of his strength, in a woman of her fertility. The idea of long hair as a symbol of male strength is even mentioned in the Bible, in the story of Samson and Delilah. Samson was a leader of the Israelites. His long hair, which he never cut, gave him superhuman powers. The only person who knew his secret was Delilah. However, she spied for the enemy and betrayed him. One night she cut off his hair and thus robbed him of his strength.

        In the classical Greek period, curly hair was not only the fashion, but it also represented an attitude towards life. Curls or locks were the metaphor for change, freedom and the joy of living. The ancient Greek word for curls and locks is related to intriguing and tempting someone.

        Hair is also used as a symbol of opposition. The punk protest movement today uses hair as a symbol of disapproval of the “middle-class, conventional lifestyle” by wearing provocative haircuts and shockingly colored hair. A different form of objection could be seen in the women’s hairstyles in the 1960s. Women’s liberation was expressed in a short-cut, straight and simple hairstyle which underlined equality with men without neglecting female attributes. To this day hair has kept its importance as a symbol of power, youth, vitality and health.

出自:網站 Pantogar

篇名:Hair & History

網址: http://www.pantogar.com/en/hair_history.php

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        Camille Mahlknecht, 9, has some big fun planned for this weekend. She and other residents of Agoura Hills, California, plan to pick up trash during their city’s annual cleanup. At the same time, Wissam Raed, 12, will be busy volunteering too. Thousands of miles away in Lebanon, Wissam plans to put on a play at an orphanage and bring potted plants to elderly people at a senior citizen center.

        Some other children like Nathan White, 10, have personal reasons for volunteering. Nathan’s grandmother died of a heart attack. To help raise money for medical research, Nathan participated in Jump Rope for Heart. He and five other boys took turns jumping rope for two and half hours and collected more than US$1,200 in donations for the American Heart Association.

        Millions of children around the globe lend a hand to their communities every year. Schools and parents also contribute to the rise in youth service. For example, many schools offer community service activities for students to join. Teachers either combine volunteer work with classroom lessons or make service work a requirement. Parents, on the other hand, encourage their kids to volunteer and do it with them.

        Community service is particularly important in this recession time. As the need for monetary support and other aid has increased, many charitable organizations have experienced a significant drop in donations. Camille and other children who volunteer thousands of hours annually can fill in some of the gaps.

        According to research, kids who start volunteering are twice as likely to continue doing good deeds when they are adults. So, grab a paintbrush, a trash bag, or whatever you need to help your community. You’ll love how you feel after helping others. Even dirty work can be lots of fun, if it’s for a good cause.

出自:TIME for Kids

名:Building a Better World by Elizabeth Winchester


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        Downloading music over the Internet is pretty common among high school and college students. However, when students download and share copyrighted music without permission, they are violating the law.

        A survey of young people’s music ownership has found that teenagers and college students have an average of more than 800 illegally copied songs each on their digital music players. Half of those surveyed share all the music on their hard drive, enabling others to copy hundreds of songs at any one time. Some students were found to have randomly linked their personal blogs to music sites, so as to allow free trial listening of copyrighted songs for blog visitors, or adopted some of the songs as the

background music for their blogs. Such practices may be easy and free, but there are consequences.

        Sandra Dowd, a student of Central Michigan University, was fined US$7,500 for downloading 501 files from LimeWire, a peer-to-peer file sharing program. Sandra claimed that she was unaware that her downloads were illegal until she was contacted by authorities. Similarly, Mike Lewinski paid US$4,000 to settle a lawsuit against him for copyright violation. Mike expressed shock and couldn’t believe that this was happening to him. “I just wanted to save some money and I always thought the threat was just a scare tactic.” “You know, everyone does it,” added Mike.

        The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), the organization that files lawsuits against illegal downloaders, states that suing students was by no means their first choice. Unfortunately, without the threat of consequences, students are just not changing their behavior. Education alone is not enough to stop the extraordinary growth of the illegal downloading practice.